Riding the snowmobile is a popular and widespread means of transport and hobby in northern Sweden. When there is enough snow, a wide network of trails is prepared for snowmobiling in many places.

Start your excursion with the snowmobile at Galå Fjällgård, as we have direct access to the public trail network. By snowmobile you can easily cover longer distances and discover the snowscape around the Swedish mountains in a completely different way.

Rental of snowmobiles

Prices starting at (rental for our guests only! Car driving licence required, issued before year 2000!)

  • per hour incl. 10 km excl. gas/oil: 30 euro
  • 3 hours incl. 35 km excl. gas/oil: 70 euro
  • 8 hours incl. 50 km excl. gas/oil: 110 euro

Guided snowmobile tours (any car driving licence required)

As an example, we have summarised our most popular tours here. Pricing for our guests only.

  • Arådalen-naturereserve-tour, 30 km, 2 hours, 2 people: 160 euro
  • Mountain lake Visjön tour, 45 km, 3 hours, 2 people: 240 euro