Holiday Homes

Applies with the booking of a holiday home on Galå Fjällgård.

  • Price: The daily or weekly price includes the rental of the holiday home, firewood, water and electricity (up to a consumption of 25 kwh per rental day - valid for bookings from 20.12.2023). Each additional kwh is charged with 0,40 euros (5 SEK) (does not apply to "Apartment Härbre", "Lakehouse" and "Mountain hut Tomte"). The landlord has the right to set a short-term change in electricity price above the agreed consumption, depending on the market situation.
    There is no entitlement to further services. The activities and services mentioned on the homepage are offered depending on season, weather and demand.
  • Terms of Payment/ Cancellation: 20 % of the rental price is due immediately upon booking. The cancellation costs for a cancellation within 84 days (12 weeks) before the start of the rental period are 20 % of the rental price, 90 % if canceled 8 days before the start of the rental period and 100 % of the rental price if the cancellation takes place 7 or less days before the start of the rental period.
  • Holiday Property: The landlord reserves the right to exchange the holiday property allocated at the time of booking for a house of the same or higher category up to the day of arrival in order to obtain a better overall occupancy (does not apply to "Lakehouse").
  • Occupancy: The house is booked for a certain number of people. Any person arriving beyond this must be reported to the landlord. Day visitors are only permitted by prior arrangement.
  • Bed Linen: The cottage is equipped with duvets and pillows for a certain number of people. The beds are to be used exclusively with bed linen. Each guest can bring their own bed linen or rent it on site. Sleeping bags are only to be used by prior arrangement.
  • Dogs: In particular, the "Rules for Guests With Dogs" apply.
  • The tenant is expected to treat the house and furnishings with care. Any damage that occurs must be reported immediately and be replaced if the damage is self-inflicted. Errors or damages in the house are not to be repaired by the tenant!
  • Final Cleaning: The house must be left cleaned on departure. The tenant can either do the final cleaning himself or book it for 60 euros (700 SEK) or 80 euros (900 SEK). The information folder contains further instructions and a checklist to make the final cleaning easier for the guests if they wish to do the cleaning themselves.
  • The ceramic hob and the electric stove must be cleaned after each use according to the instructions. Cleaning is not included in the bookable final cleaning. An uncleaned hob will be charged with an extra 3 euros (35 SEK) per rental day.
  • Electric vehicles: It is currently not possible to charge cars with electric drives on site. The present power outlets are not intended for this use. The clostest e-charging station is in Börtnan.
  • Drones / Photography: Drone flights over houses and courtyards are not desired. Please do not take pictures of private property, residential buildings and children.
  • Fire Safety: Fire safety regulations are included in each holiday home’s information folder. Smoking is not permitted in the houses.
  • Arrival time: On the arrival day the vacation homes are available from 3 p.m. on, if not agreed upon differently.
  • Departure: The houses should be left by latest 10 a.m. or by arrangement.

Holiday Homes - Rules for Guests With Dogs

If you are bringing a dog with you, the following conditions apply:

  • Any dogs that are travelling along are to be registered by the guest. Please use your own blankets and baskets. We reserve the right to remove carpets and extra blankets from the house if necessary to avoid soiling.
  • For reasons of hygiene, dogs should not be let into the bedrooms, on the sofa or on any other furniture.
  • Dogs should always be kept under supervision and are not to be left alone in the holiday home. Unfortunately, we often see dogs standing on the window sills with their front paws barking through the window.
  • It is possible to leave dogs alone in the house, if a suitable dog box is used and the time, where the dog is left alone, does not exceed 2 hours.
  • Never let your dog pee in or on buildings, benches, firewood, flowers or young plants.
  • Leashes are compulsory at certain times of the year. Please note that reindeer and other animals often roam freely in the direct surroundings of your holiday home.
  • Any dog ​​droppings must be collected immediately. This applies in the direct vicinity of the holiday home, in the yard and along the driveway. Please do not hide dog feces under the snow. Dog waste bags can be disposed of in the green bin.
    On hikes and in the forest it is sufficient to remove dog droppings from the marked trail. Please make sure the waste is laid somewhere in the forest, at least 1 meter away from the path.
  • Before departure, all textiles such as seat covers and blankets must be cleaned off from animal hair.
  • Each holiday home can accommodate a maximum of 2 dogs.


Please take notice of our price list, the campsite information and the booking conditions.

The booking conditions only apply to reservations of a lot that were made in advance.