Guided snowshoe-tours

The guided hikes are available as a snowshoe tour or a guided ski tour and include the rental of snowshoes or skis with poles, local guide, warm drinks and snack where applicable. Snowshoeing in Sweden becomes a great experience at Galå Fjällgård!

Examples of tours

  • Windhshelter-tour – snowshoeing in deep powder
    40 euro incl. 2 people, 1 h
  • Predikstolen – snowshoe hike with a view
    70 Euro incl. 2 people, 1,5-2 h
  • Nybodarna – with skis or snowshoes to a alp in the neighborhood
    150 euro incl. 2 people, from 3 h
  • Östra-Arådalen – To a mountain pasture in the naturereserve of Arådalen
    150 Euro incl. 2 people, from 3 h

Special winter tours

These winter special tours challenge you to combine riding by snowmobile to the starting point and snowshoeing to the objective. The rental of the snowmobile and snowshoes for the tour are included.
See right box for tour examples.

The classic-tours

  • Galberget – the peak plateau between Galå Fjällgård and Börtnan
    160 euro incl. 2 people, 2-4 h
  • Hundshögen – the summit of Oviksfjäll
    240 euro incl. 2 people, 4-6 h