Excursions and Tours

On trips to the surrounding area, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful landscape and interesting sights. You will find a collection of local places worth seeing in your holiday home.

We provide information about trips to Klövsjö and Vemdalen, Persåsen and Hoverberg, Östersund, Åre, Ljungdalen and Flatruet. On these tours you will pass waterfalls, historic churches, traditional "open-air museums" and handicrafts.

Cafés and Restaurants

The Swedish coffee break takes place as a "Fika". We love this tradition and are happy to recommend you the best cafés in the area.

Those with a sweet tooth appreciate the typical range of waffles, biscuits and chocolate balls. If you don't like sweets, you should try the "Tunnbrödstut" (a sandwich with thin flatbread) typical of northern Sweden.

Many cafés and tourist facilities focus on the Swedish summer season from around 15/6 to 20/8. The rest of the time, the offer is limited, but not completely gone.