Fall colors begin to brighten up the Oviksfjäll in late august/early september. The intense summer with many bright nights gives way to the beautiful fall-time.

In Sweden, we often experience wonderful moments with sun and bright colors during the days, while the temperatures already start going down during the fall nights.

Indian Summer at Galberget

Feather in fall

Hiking in the mountains

Hikes in Jämtland in fall

Fall-time is ideal to explore the mountains and forests undisturbed on one of our well-kept hiking trails. At this time of year nature is at its most beautiful!

Bike Tours and Mountain Biking

In addition to hikes, our tour program also offers some appealing mountain bike tours. It is a special experience to explore the early fall with its colors and scents on mtb.

Galåbodarna alp

Dwarf Birches

Colourful raised bogs

Collecting Berries and Mushrooms

The berry season in Oviksfjäll starts in the beginning of august with the first ripe cloudberries. The blueberries and cranberries can be harvested well into september. Mountain cranberries even tolerate the first frost.

Mustering of reindeer

The local Sami village Tossåsen performs its mustering of reindeer for 2-4 days between 12/09 and 20/09 each year. We are happy to invite guests to this event and explain the backgrounds of up to 6,000 reindeer being collected.

Reindeer in the Fjäll

Reindeer at the Hundshögen

Mist in fall

Beginning of the aurora season

The first dark nights start to come at the end of august. In recent years there have been wonderful northern lights as early as september. This is where this beautiful shot came from.

Taking Pictures

For amateur photographers, fall-time has a special appeal with its many new colors, even with bushes and mosses changing color. In this time, we like to take our camera along anywhere, like for picking berries or simply hiking.

Hiking in fall

View of Galåbodarna

First ice in late fall

Barbecue Hut

The barbecue hut in Galå Fjällgård is always a popular meeting point among our guests. Here you can sit together undisturbed, exchange experiences or simply watch the fire in silence. The use of the barbecue hut including the firewood is free of charge for our guests.